Antibiotic therapy pros and cons

If your doctor or the pediatrist supervising your child, is accustomed to write out for cold or a flu antibiotics, to you unequivocal and simple council: look for other experts.

Wrong application of antibiotics - a primary factor causing our constantly increasing inability to eradicate illness. The excessive use of these "wonderful" medicines promotes development more and more steady pathogenic microorganisms that conducts to necessity to invent and use further more and more strong antibiotics. I with all responsibility am ready to declare: natural preparations are much more powerful than any antibiotics which are let out by the industry now and the effect from natural preparations in one hundred times is more long. Only such preparations will provide to you an exact diet, high-grade rest and a victory over stresses.

Between the moment of hit of an infection in an organism and development of the response to it of immune system usually passes how many time. The situation is similar to a first aid call. You know that no brigade of doctors will appear at your door this second. Antibiotics react to an infection much faster, but thus lock phone on which your organism could cause the help from immune system, that is, in essence, cut the immune response; natural reaction of an organism to an infection chokes with a medicine.

Remember, how it is frequent by means of antibiotics we hurry up to remove heat! And after all heat is, in general, a positive sign. It testifies: speed of a metabolism in an organism has much more raised, and thus there is a destruction of "conquerors" because environment becomes as much as possible adverse for their stay in it.

During personal medical practice I have found out: patients in the majority can cope with an infection without application of antibiotics. Whether you know, what these medicines only reduce quantity of the pathogenic microbes attacking your body? That it has won fight with them definitively, not to do without commitment to action of immune system. If you allow the organism to struggle with an infection independently, without crutches in the form of antibiotics it will have a memory of specificity of antibodies which need to be developed to given (and any similar) infections, and there will be an ability more effectively to resist to repeated intrusion of such pathogenic microorganisms.

At some people the allergy to different antibiotics, but, as a rule, is observed it seldom leads an organism to need in serious medical intervention. And here long reception of antibiotics in the big doses very often destroys not only infecting microorganisms, but also useful bacteria in a digestive path.

Many people start to suffer in addition also a diarrhea; hardly probable not any woman falls a victim of a chronic (steady) barmy infection. For restoration of appropriate balance in microflora of a gastroenteric path I recommend to add to food useful bacteria L. acidophilus in the form of tablets or yogurt.

Certainly, there are such cases when a certain antibiotic is necessary and should be applied. To provide its fast distribution on an organism and penetration into fabrics, receiving medical treatment for antibiotics, accept simultaneously Bromelain (enzyme from pineapple) — or in the form of tablets, or washing down an antibiotic pineapple with juice.

Parents of the sick child to which antibiotics are appointed, should set an alarm clock on 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning to give to the kid an additional dose of a medicine, thereby supporting its concentration in an organism at the necessary level during all period of a dream.

And still. If antibiotics are necessary for you, accept them. If the infectious disease is tightened, that, undoubtedly, it is necessary to think of these medicines. But never refuse to immune system to do for what it is intended — to reject pressure of infections.

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