When to take antibiotics
Ruled prescriptions of antibiotics. It is obvious that antibacterial preparations should be applied only at the infections caused by bacteria. In a hospital at infectious diseases heavy and menacing to life (for example, meningitis - an inflammation of covers of a brain of the Rule of prescription of antibiotics it is obvious that antibacterial preparations should be applied only at the infections caused by bacteria. In a hospital at infectious diseases heavy and menacing to life (for example, meningitis - an inflammation of covers of a brain, pneumonia - pneumonia, etc.) responsibility for correctness of a choice of medicine entirely lies on the doctor who is based on data of supervision over the patient and on results of special researches. At the slight infections proceeding in "house" (out-patient) conditions, a situation essentially other.

Antibiotics and maze
All of us it is known, various infectious diseases can be how much dangerous. And their danger consists, first of all, in complications which they cause. The transferred flu, infections of a middle ear or a meningitis – all these diseases can become the reason of development of such enough difficult disease as maze. At once it is necessary to notice that maze is not only difficult, but also rather dangerous disease. For this reason struggle against it needs to be begun as soon as possible.

The main groups of antibiotics
Antibiotics it is group of the natural or semisynthetic organic substances, capable to destroy microbes or to suppress their reproduction. At present the set of various kinds of the antibiotics allocated with various properties is known. The knowledge of these properties is a basis of correct treatment by antibiotics. Individual qualities and antibiotic action mainly depends on its chemical structure. In this article we will tell about the most known groups antibiotics, we will show the mechanism of their work, a spectrum of action, possibility of application for treatment of various infections.

The use of antibiotics in the treatment of respiratory tract infections
Diseases of respiratory ways concern the most widespread diseases of the person in any age categories. In overwhelming majority of cases of disease of respiratory ways have infectious character, that is are caused by various microbes.

What can replace antibiotics and disinfectants
It is a lot of years scientists and business executives all over the world actively study a problem: "Than to replace antibiotics and disinfectants?" And whether there is in general, something an alternative.

Should I be afraid of antibiotics
The matter is that antibiotics periodically appoint unfairly, and it happens rather often. It is known that during reception of antibiotics the condition of intestinal flora worsens, and at continuous long reception of antibiotics activity of immune system a little decreases.

Antibacterial therapy
Chronic bronchitis – independent disease (proceeding with aggravations and remissions), characterized diffuse defeat of respiratory ways with excessive secretion of slime in a bronchial tree. As it is impossible to measure quantity of a bronchial secret precisely, the clinical criterion of disease – chronic or palindromic cough till 3 months throughout 2th years on end with allocation of a phlegm which can't be carried to other diseases now is accepted. The last means definition of a chronic bronchitis by process of elimination in connection with nonspecificity its clinical displays.

Parents about antibiotics
It is possible to name second half of XX-th century safely an antibacterial era, and it won't be exaggeration: the number of the lives rescued by means of antibiotics, has stepped for a long time for billion! About their wonder-working force legends go, but also an abuse in their address it is necessary to hear not less. The matter is that the superficial knowledge provoking unjustified expectations, and so - and numerous charges of antibiotics in troubles for which they actually at all don't bear responsibility. And worst of all that antibiotics apply much more often, than it is necessary, putting that the most serious harm not only the patient, but also a society as a whole.

Augmentin is an antibiotic, which differs from other drugs. What is its difference? Most often, in such media is only one active ingredient, and Augmentin for two. Want to know more about this?

Antibiotics and potency
The potentiality is ability of the man to make sexual intercourse. Often the potentiality is understood as a healthy erection which is a necessary condition for sexual intercourse fulfillment. Sometimes speak about ability to conception. In the absence of an erection speak about an impotence.

Cheer on the rules
Mirror have forgotten to adjust, and in it it is reflected what the hell. Brains strike. The trunk in any way doesn't want to stand and the more so to go, and aims to accept position "lying under a blanket". What is it? It you were ill. All is simple. Certainly, certainly – very much at the wrong time. Certainly, on work a heap of not made affairs and Napoleonic plans for the weekend. Well, that terrible – simply fast get from a case, count and air the collection of spare handles-legs, hearts livers.

Broad spectrum antibiotics
To antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action carry group means tetracycline and chloramphenicol in view of that they possess in the identical way and an influence spectrum. Call their antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action for the reason that they are effective in in destruction not exclusively gram-positive and gram bacteria, but also spirochetes, leptospira, large viruses (a trachoma, psittacosis and others). But despite it they are ineffective or useless in struggle with proteus, pseudomonas aeruginosa a stick, small viruses (a flu, a measles, a poliomyelitis and others), principal views of mushrooms and acid microorganisms.

How to be treated with antibiotics
It is impossible to present modern medicine without antibiotics, and names of these preparations even more often can be read in recipes of doctors. At the same time about antibiotics the bad reputation goes: many people consider their too dangerous and consequently their use try to avoid all ways. Others, on the contrary, don't give due value to by-effects of antibiotics and abuse them. How to define, in what cases it is necessary to accept antibiotics and in what it is better to refrain from them? These preparations are how much dangerous and how to avoid occurrence of collateral reactions? You will find answers to these and other questions in our article.

Medicine from drug
The undesirable effect can cause any medical product. But the most expressed allergenic properties squirrels, enzymes, the hormones received from bodies of animals, antibiotics possess, etc.

Useful bacteria instead of antibiotics
Antibiotics so strongly entered into our life that we already each sore them treat, sometimes even when absolutely there are no indications. When antibiotics were created, to them designated destiny of deliverers of mankind from all diseases, but life disposed on the, and bacteria started to show stability to medical mushrooms gradually.

Antibiotic therapy pros and cons
If your doctor or the pediatrist supervising your child, is accustomed to write out for cold or a flu antibiotics, to you unequivocal and simple council: look for other experts.

Antibiotic is associated dysbacteriosis
The numerous microbiocenosis of intestines of the person is presented more than 500 species of microorganisms, and in various departments of a gastroenteric path their quantity fluctuates from 103 to 1012 CFU/ML.

What you should know about antibiotics
To begin given article it would be desirable from words that treatment by antibiotic means is very serious business to which realization it is necessary to approach with itself responsibility. Before to begin course of treatment by the antibiotic means, each person should familiarize with some existing rules which will help to make treatment by antibiotics safe. In the very first turn each patient should remember that the therapy course such medicines should be short. Remember, some days of application are a direct way to treatment and improvement of the general state of health.

All truth about generics
Such situation when in a drugstore there is no necessary medicine is frequent, but the pharmacist is ready to offer something other, possessing similar properties, but differing in manufacturing firm and the price.

Adverse reactions to antibiotics
Despite high efficiency in treatment of many infectious diseases, scope of application of antibiotics is considerably limited to the collateral reactions arising against treatment with use of these preparations. Collateral reactions to antibiotics can be the diversified: from a simple nausea before irreversible changes of a red marrow. A principal cause of development of collateral reactions to antibiotics is infringement of principles of their use, is frequent by a carelessness as attending physician and the patient.

Possible complications caused by antibiotics
Very often at reception of antibiotics there are allergic reactions. The more qualitatively the preparation, is is better cleared of ballast substances, the there are allergies less often and more poorly. From here a conclusion: be more attentive to rash occurrence, reddenings on a skin even if till now any allergy it was not observed. In that case it is necessary to cancel urgently a preparation, it is desirable to spend detoxification actions (consider that at you a poisoning - accept adsorbents - well at least activated coal, more drink liquids). At once on it inform the attending physician.

Resistance to antibiotics serious threat to public health care
In the new report of WHO the problem of resistance to antimicrobic preparations, including antibiotics, at the global level is for the first time considered. It testifies that this serious danger doesn't represent only any more the forecast for the future as it is already shown in each region of the world right now and can have an adverse effect on everyone, irrespective of age, in each country. Resistance to antibiotics isthe phenomenon when bacteria change so that antibiotics don't make any impact any more on an organism of people who need them for fight against an infection, and it now one of the most serious threats for human health.

Vaginal candidiasis in pregnancy
Vaginal candidiasis (thrush) is damage to the female genital tract yeast fungi of the genus Candida (Candida albicans). At the same time vaginal candidiasis is a frequent companion of pregnancy, which greatly complicates the course of the last and jeopardizes the health of both mother and child. In this article we will discuss the causes of candida, as well as the characteristics of this disease, its diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women.

Antibiotics effective drugs
Antibiotics is effective preparations which are able to cure some infectious diseases. Nevertheless at their incorrect application antibiotics can come more loss, than advantage. Knowing, in what facts antibiotics are necessary, and in what — aren't present, you can protect yourselves and our family.

History of the genetically modified organisms and products
Promptly increasing population of our planet has induced scientists and manufacturers not only to intensify cultivation of agricultural crops and cattle, but also to begin search of essentially new approaches to development of a raw-material base of the begun century.

Antibiotics and dysbiosis
Under an organism of each person vulnerable enough ecological system disappears. In bodies of each human body there are those or other microscopic organisms which are with each other in a certain parity. The balance existing between them is pledge of normal functioning of this or that body. Besides it the given balance is the guarantor of strong immune system. As soon as balance is broken, there and then about itself let know rather various failures in work of various systems and bodies. Quite often failures are so serious that threaten not only to health, but also life of the patient. Disbalance development can be caused both various pathological conditions, and reception of those or other pharmaceutical means, mainly antibiotics.

When and how you should use antibiotics
The discovery of antibiotics actually saved many lives. At the same time today, a situation where antibiotics are sold without a prescription start using. The harm to the human body is applied is enormous. We asked the doctor of osteopathy, in some cases, taking antibiotics is not justified, and when without them not to manage.