Antibiotics and dysbiosis

Under an organism of each person vulnerable enough ecological system disappears. In bodies of each human body there are those or other microscopic organisms which are with each other in a certain parity. The balance existing between them is pledge of normal functioning of this or that body. Besides it the given balance is the guarantor of strong immune system. As soon as balance is broken, there and then about itself let know rather various failures in work of various systems and bodies. Quite often failures are so serious that threaten not only to health, but also life of the patient. Disbalance development can be caused both various pathological conditions, and reception of those or other pharmaceutical means, mainly antibiotics.

At infringement of balance of microflora on the person the phenomenon under the name a dysbacteriosis. The given phenomenon agrees to the data which are resulted to us by the statistics, it is possible to reveal in ninety percent of cases from hundred. It turns out that the dysbacteriosis is marked practically at all people. To number of factors which can provoke its development, it is possible to carry both bad ecology, and non-observance of all rules of a healthy way of life, frequent stressful conditions, infringement of normal process of digestion, periodic intoxications, an irrational food and so forth.

At dysbacteriosis development it is observed both decrease in protective forces of an organism, and obvious infringement of an absorption of all necessary nutrients, an aggravation of those or other chronic illnesses, and also serious failures in work of a liver, kidneys and heart. If the dysbacteriosis develops at the child, then on the person in the very first turn digestion frustration. Besides it serious deviations in development both brain, and a muscular fabric, and also teeth and bones are marked. The organism of older persons reacts to the given phenomenon, increasing number of putrefactive and barmy processes, lowering ability of processing of cholesterol, aggravating various chronic illnesses, strengthening an intoxication of all organism and so on. Development of a dysbacteriosis in women especially dangerously as in this case the risk of occurrence of any gynecologic pathologies considerably increases. The people suffering from a regular dysbacteriosis, grow old much faster.

Hardly above we said that especially often the dysbacteriosis develops against reception of antibiotics. Well, and so, if you don't want to face all unpleasant phenomena of the given condition then instead of antibiotic means use so-called экоантибиотики. Remember, экоантибиотики and a dysbacteriosis are absolutely incompatible two concepts! Now we will explain why: against a therapy course экоантибиотиками there is not a defeat, and increase in growth of useful microflora. There is it thanks to that one of components of the given preparations is пребиотик which carries the name лактулоза ангидро. The given component doesn't render negative influence on useful microflora, and on the contrary helps it to strengthen the in the lead position. Besides it, given пребиотику it is peculiar to strengthen protective forces of an organism that also it is important.

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