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Chloromycetin (Chloramphenicol 250 mg)Chloromycetin (chloramphenicol)
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Manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories
The active substance is synthetically derived antibiotic that is similar to the antibacterial substances synthesized by streptomyces. As a result of antibacterial effect, there is a blocking of synthetic processes for formulation of a protein in a cell sensitive microorganisms.

Chloramphenicol has a bacteriostatic effect. Sensitive to Chloramphenicol following microorganisms: most of the cocci (G , G-), Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Haemophilus influenzae, Bacillus, spirochetes, Shigella, anaerobic bacteria, Rickettsia, Klebsiella, serration, Proteus, Yersinia.

Antibacterial effect is observed against the causative agent of trachoma, the inguinal lymphogranulomatosis, psittacosis. A sensitivity to Chloramphenicol have penicillin-resistant strains of bacteria, a streptomycin-resistant microorganisms, bacteria sensitive to sulfonamides. Weak activity of Chloramphenicol is observed for a bacteria resistant to acids, Escherichia coli, groups of protozoa, clostridia. Drug resistance develops slowly.

Parenteral and oral forms of Chloramphenicol is indicated for: typhoid fever, tularemia, pathologies associated with Yersinia, paratyphoid infections, pathologies associated with meningococcus, dysentery infection, trachoma, infections of the urinary tract, salmonellosis, limfogranulema in the groin, a wound infection with purulent discharge, cerebral abscess tissue purulent peritonitis, chlamydia, ehrlichioses, infections of the organs of the biliary excretion, brucellosis.

Technical Information

Brand names: Alficetyn, Ambofen, Amphenicol, Amphicol, Amseclor, Anacetin, Aquamycetin, Austracil, Austracol, Biocetin, Biophenicol, Catilan, Chemicetin, Chemicetina, Chlomin, Chlomycol, Chlora-Tabs, Chloramex, Chloramfenikol, Chloramficin, Chloramfilin, Chloramphenicole, Chloramsaar, Chlorasol, Chloricol, Chlornitromycin, Chlorocaps, Chlorocid, Chlorocide, Chlorocol, Chlorofair, Chloromax, Chloromycetny, Chloromyxin, Chloronitrin, Chloroptic, Chlorovules, Cidocetine, Ciplamycetin, Cloramfen, Cloramficin, Cloramicol, Cloramidina, Cloroamfenicolo, Clorocyn, Cloromisan, Clorosintex, Comycetin, Cylphenicol, Desphen, Detreomycin, Detreomycine, Dextromycetin, Doctamicina, Econochlor, Embacetin, Emetren, Enicol, Enteromycetin, Erbaplast, Ertilen, Farmicetina, Farmitcetina, Fenicol, Globenicol, Glorous, Halomycetin, Hortfenicol, Intramycetin, Isicetin, Ismicetina, Isophenicol, Juvamycetin, Kamaver, Kemicetina, Kemicetine, Klorita, Leukamycin, Leukomyan, Leukomycin, Levomicetina, Levomitsetin, Levomycetin, Liquichlor, Loromisan, Loromisin, Mastiphen, Mediamycetine, Medichol, Micloretin, Micochlorine, Micoclorina, Microcetina, Mychel, Mycinol, Normimycin V, Novochlorocap, Novomycetin, Novophenicol, Oftalent, Oleomycetin, Opclor, Opelor, Ophthochlor, Ophthoclor, Ophthocort, Ophtochlor, Optomycin, Otachron, Otophen, Owadziak, Pantovernil, Paraxin, Pedraczak, Pentamycetin, Pflanzol, Quellada, Quemicetina, Rivomycin, Romphenil, Ronphenil, Septicol, Sificetina, Sintomicetina, Sno-Phenicol, Stanomycetin, Synthomycetin, Synthomycetine, Synthomycine, Tevcocin, Tevcosin, Tifomycin, Tifomycine, Tiromycetin, Treomicetina, Tyfomycine, Unimycetin, Veticol, Viceton

Chloromycetin: Paraxin (Abbott Laboratories)

Imprints: Chloromycetin (chloramphenicol) P-D 379

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