What can replace antibiotics and disinfectants

It is a lot of years scientists and business executives all over the world actively study a problem: "Than to replace antibiotics and disinfectants?" And whether there is in general, something an alternative.

All know that every day bacteria become more and more dangerous, and antibiotics more and more powerful. And than more powerful there are the antibiotics, especially dangerous there are viruses and bacteria.

Today there were antibiotics of the fifth generation, but also they not always allow to achieve desirable result. It is known that each antibiotic in a condition to struggle with certain group of diseases or bacteria. If it doesn't cope with a task in view, it is necessary to search for new ways of the decision of problems. This war always win bacteria. For war with bacteria and viruses we have antibiotics and disinfectants more and more poisonous. But each time our opponent - bacteria and viruses become more and more a refinement. Applying antibiotics we only we will improve, pathogenic bacteria and it seems that so will always occur.

There is a solution.

All certainly heard and know that such probiotik - "for the sake of life". But we have got used to use probiotics as a medicine when the illness has already come, or as preventive sr-va. Perhaps, this stereotype was generated as a result probiotics are very expensive. However microbiologists of Gent university have looked at this problem absolutely under another aspect? And what if not to give chance to harmful bacteria to get in an organism? If to apply probiotic not swallowing, and in cleaning of premises (environment)? There was an idea to connect probiotic with a washing-up liquid. Certainly, in the nature such composition is impossible …

Alkali or acid which are the basic operating components in the majority of washing-up liquids, are intended to kill bacteria, instead of to support their ability to live. Therefore it was required to create ecologically safe washing basis. This washing-up liquid isn't dirt solvent, at it only one function - to separate a dirt from a surface at molecular level. After in this washing basis have added enzymes and bacteria, all has risen on the places.

As a result of association of these components there was a perfect weapon, against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. All organic and inorganic pollution separate from a surface and get to water, enzymes split all organic chemistry, without leaving a nutrient medium for viruses and bacteria, and bacteria continue to carry out control over cleanliness of a surface long time. Without having a nutrient medium for reproduction pathogenic bacteria and viruses have the limited term of life and without reaching a critical cycle of reproduction perish.

In other words it can be described so: on any surface the large quantity of a dirt - of food for bacteria, a moisture, positive and negative bacteria contains. This environment with pleasure breed both positive, and negative bacteria. What effect is rendered by disinfection? Speaking in images, it is short-term chemical attack. It also operates by a principle: "who hasn't hidden - I am not guilty". After disinfection we think that a surface already pure, but the nature doesn't suffer absolute cleanliness, in the nature there is no zero, and besides, nature abhors a vacuum … From each group of bacteria as pathogenic and not pathogenic remains about identical quantity of representatives. From the survived bacteria identical chances of a survival, especially on the surface cleared of a competition have all. Therefore, spending disinfection by poisonous substances, we play into the hands only of bacteria.

Now we will consider that occurs in a case with probiotics. We occupy a surface enzymes and not pathogenic bacteria. They at microbiological level split the organic chemistry separated from a surface by washing basis and as a result, numerical advantage They suppress naturally development of pathogenic bacteria … kill nobody - they simply destroy all nutrient medium, without giving chances still somebody to breed. Laboratory researches have shown that in 20 minutes after washing-up liquid drawing on a basis probiotics series of Krizal, on a surface and it is impossible to find in a solution even tubercular sticks, without speaking about other, more simple bacteria. Till now to receive such combination of components in one packing it was possible to nobody. And only now we have a ready product for reasonable price, with working life 2 years and usual storage conditions.

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