Antibiotics and maze

All of us it is known, various infectious diseases can be how much dangerous. And their danger consists, first of all, in complications which they cause. The transferred flu, infections of a middle ear or a meningitis – all these diseases can become the reason of development of such enough difficult disease as maze. At once it is necessary to notice that maze is not only difficult, but also rather dangerous disease. For this reason struggle against it needs to be begun as soon as possible.

What is maze and what role in its treatment is played by antibiotics?

We will begin, certainly, with the main thing, namely from the answer to a question – that such maze?

Maze represents an inflammation of an ear labyrinth or an internal ear. The given disease often enough call also an internal otitis. In medical practice maze meets extremely seldom. But as they say «it is rare, but neatly»! So it also is. Having rushed into the human life, the given inflammatory process is capable to deprive of its work capacity. The matter is that one of the most frequent symptoms of the given disease is very strong dizziness. It can pursue the patient from three about five days, thus, without allowing any possibility to do it something. The dizziness to such degree strong that can lead to loss of balance and falling of the person. And the patient, as a rule, in a direction of the damaged ear falls.

However by dizziness any only it is accompanied maze. The given disease also can be accompanied by a nausea, vomiting, convulsive movements of an eyeball, pus allocation and so on. Maze it is considered to be the most terrible complication full loss of hearing. Most likely, anybody from you doesn't want to be the deaf person. For this reason it is not necessary to postpone visit to the doctor in «a long box», take «feet in hands» and forward. If you can't overcome dizziness then call the doctor on the house.

As maze is difficult enough disease, hence, and its treatment is rather serious. Here as they say, without antibiotics not to manage. We will return to antibiotics a bit later. And now it is necessary to notice that maze the strict confinement to bed, plentiful drink and a special diet is necessary for each patient. And now as to antibiotic therapy. The given method of treatment maze is considered the core and is used at any kind of the given disease. And antibiotics of wide action are appointed to the patient in very big doses. It is very important, that you have passed a complete course of therapy by antibiotics. Otherwise maze after a small time interval can return.

The antibiotic can be appointed to you only by the doctor. The matter is that selection of an antibiotic preparation is made only after sensitivity definition to it of middle ear flora. Along with internal application of antibiotics to you ear-drops which structure also includes antibiotics and a cortisone also will be appointed. Such drops will protect you from a strong hypostasis of a wall of the hearing aid, and also will help to destroy all available bacteria. Often enough with the same purpose in an ear of the patient the gauze tampon impregnated with an antibiotic is put.

Remember, in due time begun treatment by antibiotics can warn development of complications maze. Also you should remember and that during treatment of the given disease external acoustical pass always should be dry. Watch that water didn't get to your ear, shampoo, soap or any other means of hygiene.

Treatment maze lasts about six weeks. And all this time you should observe all recommendations of the doctor carefully. To accelerate process of your recover, you can use special biologically active additives of corporation Tjanshi. The matter is that, applying such bioadditives as Biocalcium, Biozinc, Propolis, and some other you can overcome with Vejkan much faster inflammatory process, normalize microcirculation of organs of hearing, and also support a normal metabolism of fabrics of organs of hearing. The given additives can guarantee to you absence of any complications maze.

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