Augmentin is an antibiotic, which differs from other drugs. What is its difference? Most often, in such media is only one active ingredient, and Augmentin for two. Want to know more about this?

Augmentin comes in the form of tablets and powder for suspension. Augmentin belongs to a group of combined broad-spectrum antibiotics. Range of its effectiveness is really wide. Included in augmentin amoxicillin - an antibiotic that can kill a variety of microbes, but its action is often hampered agents (beta-lactamase) produced by these microbes. In order for the microbes could not produce beta-lactamase in the augmentin have introduced another component - clavulanic acid. The combination of these two components and provides high efficiency of Augmentin.

Assign augmentin in various inflammatory processes caused by pathogenic microbes. These include bronchitis, tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis, pneumonia and various others. Appointed augmentin and inflammation in the urinary system: with urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, and various microbial diseases of reproductive system in women with gonorrhea.

Augmentin is effective for skin infection, festering wounds, and infections localized in the locomotor system, caused by Staphylococcus aureus.

Augmentin is used and with other infections, such as infection during surgery. Augmentin dosage depends on the patient's age, his weight, as well as the complexity of the disease. When selecting the dosage must take into account the state of the kidneys. Therefore, do not attempt to appoint a cure. It is better to consult a doctor.

Augmentin should take just before meals. After two weeks of starting treatment must pass all required examinations. It is possible, treatment should be adjusted. The suspension must be done immediately, before you start treatment. Top up the bottle in boiling water at room temperature up to the mark, which is indicated on the label. Then shake the bottle. Leave the medication for five minutes, that was the process of final dissolution of the components. Term storage of the finished suspension - one week. Keep it must be refrigerated, not allowing either heating or freezing. Before use, the bottle should be shaken well. By measuring flask attached cap. It must be cleaned after each use.

Side effects of augmentin in the treatment are rare, except for digestive disorders. Can begin diarrhea and sometimes vomiting (if you are assigned a high dose). Quite often the occurrence of mucosal candidiasis. Rarely occurs dizziness and migraine pain. Sometimes you can see the appearance of hives on the skin. Receive augmentin resolved not to all patients. If you suffer from jaundice, or other dysfunction of the liver, if you idiosyncrasy penicillins, cephalosporins and other beta-lactam antibiotics, then you are not allowed to be treated with augmentin.

In pregnancy Augmentin can be used only on doctor's orders and under his control. During the period of lactation allowed augmentin treatment, it is perfectly safe for your baby.

To improve overall body tone, improve the immune system, a speedy recovery and healing of wounds, in conjunction with treatment augmentin take supplements (biologically active additive) Icahn issued by a corporation Tianshi. This combination will reduce the number of side effects from the use of antibiotics. This drug is based on only herbal ingredients. Icahn is useful for all categories of patients, except for hypertension, pregnant women, babies and the elderly.

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