What you should know about antibiotics

To begin given article it would be desirable from words that treatment by antibiotic means is very serious business to which realization it is necessary to approach with itself responsibility. Before to begin course of treatment by the antibiotic means, each person should familiarize with some existing rules which will help to make treatment by antibiotics safe. In the very first turn each patient should remember that the therapy course such medicines should be short. Remember, some days of application are a direct way to treatment and improvement of the general state of health.

The second important point is observance of a healthy way of life. Accepting the similar preparations, each patient should not only refuse the use of spirits, but also start eat and follow correctly to a certain day regimen. For anybody not a secret that course of treatment by antibiotics becomes frequent enough the reason of development of such rather unpleasant condition as a dysbacteriosis. Well, and so, not to admit the dysbacteriosis development, each person should specify for itself, in what dosages and when it should accept this or that antibiotic preparation. It is important to find out in this case and about possible by-effects which can have an effect against application of this or that preparation. It is not necessary to forget and that along with antibiotics it is possible to accept not all medical products. It also is very important.

In certain cases use of this or that preparation provides also a certain food. Necessarily specify this point at the attending physician. And, at last, one more very important point – along with an antibiotic should be accepted also any means for restoration of microflora of intestines.

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