Useful bacteria instead of antibiotics

Antibiotics so strongly entered into our life that we already each sore them treat, sometimes even when absolutely there are no indications. When antibiotics were created, to them designated destiny of deliverers of mankind from all diseases, but life disposed on the, and bacteria started to show stability to medical mushrooms gradually.

Then looks of scientists addressed to more perfect murderers of harmful bacteria - to bacteriophages, in fact are useful viruses which are more effective in treatment of various diseases and suppression of pathogenic microflora. They don't cause dysbacteriosis, to them resistance isn't developed and they struggle with an infection more effectively. Today in the domestic market there is a set of bacteriophages, as for concrete infections, and polyvalent useful viruses of raschitany infections on a wide range.

But on it our scientists didn't stop and thought up even more effective way of treatment - useful bacteria which besides continued to synthesize subsequently an artificial way. Today it is the most effective way of treatment which for the present didn't reach simple people even at consciousness level.

Useful bacteria in essence are antagonists, and started in an organism, right there start to suppress all harmful microflora in an organism, thereby raising and stimulating immunity naturally. The list of diseases, which can be treated useful bacteria (and furthermore synthesized) very big, beginning from mental violations and finishing heart troubles and oncology. Though at first sight, it seems that the infection doesn't concern such diseases, actually very many diseases are caused by pathogenic microflora including listed, and very often the chronic infection can lead to the most different sores. So happens. For example is, any chronic infection which gradually develops, and then comes up a warm insufficiency, oncology or a mental disorder. Therefore in an ideal it would be good, to aspire to support constantly in an organism useful to a mkroflor.

As the human body consists for 80 % of water, in it there will live anyway bacteria, and it would be much better, if all of them were useful. In the first they don't cause any harm to an organism, and only serve as reliable protection to an organism from a pathogenic infection.

Useful bacteria are a normal human microflora which should live in an ideal in all organism, and not just in intestines. Therefore a probiotics you don't do much harm in any way to the organism, how many you wouldn't drink them - because it - only navsy useful bacteria. And daily we breathe in billion harmful-pathogenic bacteria that unfortunately is a consequence of a heavy ecological situation both in Russia, and in Ukraine. To smokers by the way cigarets still add load of immunity.

For strengthening of immunity it is recommended to run regularly courses of natural immunostimulators on the basis of useful bacteria - as they are the most effective and safe in comparison with chemical.

Useful bacteria probiotics are the most natural protection of all organism. and not just intestines. I know that to us imposed a stereotype that a probiotics drinks only at dysbacterioses, and that it in general as though a useless thing. nonsense, simply additive. but the business it is simply deliberate underestimation of a role of probiotics in nation improvement. As useful bacteria (strong stimulation of immunity) it is possible to treat practically all diseases and even oncology and mental disorders, but certainly it is better to warn.

If to speak about oncology - that it is an immunity illness - as it is known at a cancer the virus nature, and just as harmful bacteria are capable to cause tumors, taking root into the healthy cages, useful are in the same way capable to devour tumoral cages. And it is better than any beam or chemotherapy, in any case it would be possible to begin with it.

As to us scientists recently declared, they at last learned to synthesize bacteria, and it is necessary to hope that they synthesize konkrektny useful strains soon, on treatment of concrete infections, including for a cancer and many HIV - infections.

P.S. The medicine future - behind useful synthetic strains seems to me. as that a sin to conceal, already now there are people who never are ill nothing, and thus still smoke as a trains.

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