Antibiotics and potency

The potentiality is ability of the man to make sexual intercourse. Often the potentiality is understood as a healthy erection which is a necessary condition for sexual intercourse fulfillment. Sometimes speak about ability to conception. In the absence of an erection speak about an impotence.

Good potentiality is a necessity for each man, aspiring to healthy and high-grade life. Many men dream to have the big potentiality. Perceiving it not only as the sexual factor, but also powerful psychological, men aspire to it considering that their vital force, self-trust depends on it and everything that is connected with consciousness strengthening. And what improbable it wouldn't seem, but after all and truth the big sexual possibilities have positive influence on all spheres of life of the man. And the weak potentiality, on the contrary, becomes the reason of uncertainty in, with an inferiority complex following from here and fear to be insolvent in bed.

Certainly, in potentiality questions, as well as in all the others it is necessary to adhere to golden mean that the aspiration to a strong potentiality hasn't passed in mania (to be ready to sex always and everywhere). People after all in sexual life not the sportsmen aimed at result, and the partners, feeling sorry to give each other pleasure.

According to researches, at adult men sexual contacts on the average occur 8 times a month. And adults are meant as men from 20 till 50 years. As it is possible to see from results, the age doesn't play the big role. But it is not necessary to forget that polls can be objective not always. But that is really important, so it is relations in steam. People whom it is good together, have sex very often, and in the settled and stable relations more often, than lonely.

There is a set of the factors influencing a potentiality: a food, style and a life rhythm, testosterone level, temperament and even ecological conditions in the place of residence. These factors influence though and irrespective of the person, but also can be used for conscious influence on a potentiality. Something can be applied to potentiality increase, and something for decrease. To solve only to the man depending on its state of health.

Alcohol and potentiality

Those who considers that alcohol raises a potentiality – strongly are mistaken. Such it is possible only in the beginning of the use of alcoholic drinks. But, signs of increase of a potentiality are very short-term, and further they are replaced by strong decrease in a sexual inclination, easing of an erection pills and other sexual problems.

Therefore opinion that alcohol helps with sex – not truly. The big role is played by a dose and a drink fortress so small doses of qualitative red wine can help men, but only at their extremely rare use. The frequent use of wine, even the most good and expensive, makes further the extremely negative impact on a potentiality.

Antibiotics and potentiality

There is an opinion that at the long use of antibiotics – they influence on neuromuscular transfer, on digestion etc. Therefore antibiotics can influence a potentiality through other systems of an organism.

A food for a potentiality

People always tried to find means of increase of man's force and consequently various products for potentiality increase for a long time are known. In Europe crude eggs and walnuts were considered as such products. And in the extreme north and the east countries, with peculiar to them exotic, snake blood, penises of animals, a horn of a rhinoceros were considered as such products.

At present scientists have learned that for maintenance of a stable potentiality in a diet of the person there should be enough vitamins - And, groups In, and E.Tak zhe an overeating doesn't render positive influence on a potentiality as the Kama Sutra spoke still in ancient times – «Two quarters of a stomach should be filled by meal, one more – water, and last should be empty for control over breath».

Weak potentiality

Force and quality of a potentiality depend on the natural data of the man, the use of alcohol by it or drugs, emotional coloring of relations with the partner. The potentiality is the general display of health. And men even with a sound health, but living in places from adverse ecology both engaged in sedentary work and using in meal a fast food considerable quantity, can't show such potentiality as man living in more healthy locality, or at least correctly eating and going in for sports.

Basically men measure the potentiality in frequency of sexual relations, their duration, on the sizes of a penis. But it is a wrong estimation because the constant partner since only she can notice change of force of a potentiality depending on the satisfaction after sex can measure a potentiality only. So the man can satisfy two women simultaneously, and other will count as its impotent man. It depends on temperament of the woman. Therefore the constant partner can spend a potentiality estimation only.

But as the woman herself can affect the relation to the man its potentiality. If it does all, as arranges the man – that chance of higher and strong potentiality, than, if it there was a sex with the unknown woman, which doesn't know how to satisfy this man. Often such feeling as love considerably finds quality of sexual life of pair, and happens so the man worrying emotionally, after quarrel with the former partner – becomes the impotent man and can't satisfy other women. That once again proves the strongest influence of emotions and a psychological condition of the man on a potentiality.

Therefore it is important that the woman would be approaching for each certain man and if you feel that, with any certain partner you receive more pleasures and pleasure, than with other it can strongly affect your choice. And it is not obligatory that bomb in bed – will be the woman from a cover. But emotionally it will satisfy completely you.

Also it is not necessary to forget that the same woman can become colder, simply showing the insult, therefore try not to forget about a prelude which is extremely important for the women, after all some percent of women, on statistics, would agree to refuse sex in advantage only preludes.

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